From Struggle to Success: Navigating the Entrepreneurship Roller Coaster for Business Success

by | Feb 15, 2023

Do you go back and forth between success and struggle in business?

You are not alone!

Many business owners experience what I refer to as the ”


The good news is, there is a way to create sustainable success in business and end the cycle.

Here are the four stages of the business roller coaster:

  1. Learning: You learn that there’s a problem to solve or an opportunity to take advantage of.
  2. Implementation: You put in place a solution.
  3. Success: Your solution creates success.
  4. Complacency: Because of the success, you don’t work hard. This will cause problems soon. You then “learn” of this problem and the roller coaster ride starts all over.

You can break free from these ups and downs if you GROW as an entrepreneur.


  • G – Get clear on your metrics. What you measure get’s managed. So make sure you have metrics in place that predict a decline in customer activity before it happens. For example, have a metric in place of how many sales meetings you have per week.
  • R – Respond to challenges immediately. Don’t shy away from challenges. Challenge breeds opportunity for innovation.
  • O – Optimize for success. Optimize your business processes for success.
  • W – Weed out the unnecessary activity. It’s time to delegate what others can do. When you keep a to-do list of items that drain your energy, you will lose motivation and momentum.

If you can do these things, you can break free from the ups and downs and achieve success!