Leaders are Repeaters

by | Jun 17, 2014

As a leader, some of our key responsibilities include:

Leaders Are Repeaters

  1. Protect the organizational culture.
  2. Cast and recast the vision.
  3. Lead from tomorrow to today.
  4. Set the example of leadership that should be replicated at all levels in the organization.
  5. Be the public image of the brand.
  6. ?? What would you add, email me or comment on this article.

In today’s article, let’s focus on our responsibility to “recast the vision”.  Or, put another way, repeating ourselves.


Leaders are Repeaters.


As the leader we need to make sure the vision is easy for everyone to see and then we need to keep it in front of the organization.

We need to repeat our vision in various ways on a regular basis.  Here are just a few reasons this is so important:

  • What get’s repeated get’s remembered.
  • People need to be exposed to the same information multiple times before they believe it.
  • Organizations and people drift over time.
  • Without clear direction, other leaders will be head off in the wrong direction.

Tips and Suggestion

  • Have a quarterly award for the team member who exemplifies the vision.  You can call this; The Quarterly.
  • Have a company radio station and interview people once per week.  You can also choose everything else that plays.  You can setup a radio station for about $750 that will transmit for up to 1 mile.  No FCC regulations are involved if you keep the power under a specific amount.  (You can do this with a company podcast as well.  I highly recommend Dave Jackson at the School of Podcasting if you need help getting a podcast up and running.)
  • Start a blog.  Write once per week about some aspect of your organizations mission and/or vision  A blog by the leader for his/her team is a great way to share ideas, record your best thinking, train new team members, recast the vision and unify the organization around a central theme.  If you send emails out, these are lost after the first send.  Newly hired staff don’t get the benefit from old emails.  (Need a quick start guide to help you get a blog up and running, email me.  I’ll guide you step by step in setting up your blog, or do it for you.)
  • Have a monthly newsletter.  Call it, the Vision and ensure that it goes to every employee.  Write about success stories of your vision being delivered.  (Better yet, do this in your leadership blog.)
  • Have breakfast.  Take two employees out to breakfast once per month.  Talk with them about their lives and how they feel about the vision.  The will become ambassadors of your vision for their coworkers.  Plus, you’ll be better connected to your team.  You may discover hidden talents and passions that can benefit the organization, or a new sailing partner.  Don’t be afraid to be friends with the people on the team.

Action Steps You Can Take Right Now:

  • Send an email to two employees inviting them to breakfast. (Or, send an email to your assistant and ask them to make the arrangements.  But, just between us, it’s more personal and effective if you do it yourself.)
  • Email me about starting a leadership blog.
  • Place a note on your calendar for the first Monday of every month to “Celebrate The Vision”.  The schedule a task as soon as possible to brainstorm what this will look like for your organization.
  • Repeat the vision to the next team member you see in a unique way.

What Do You Think?

Email me or comment on this article to share your favorite way to recast the vision for your team.