The Four Zones of Leadership

by | May 28, 2014

The tagline for EricDdingler.com is; Leadership Happens Everywhere.

In fact, there are Four Zones of Leadership.

Four Zones of Leadership

Zone One


Leadership of Self

  • You can’t lead beyond your character.  So, it stands for reason; work on your character and become a better leader.
  • You can’t outlive your health.  So, it stands to reason; work on your health to live longer.
  • You can’t react beyond the capacity of your emotional health.  So, it stands to reason; work on your emotional baggage to be a more stable person (Read the Book Emotional Healthy Spirituality)

Zone Two


Leadership of the Family

  • Genuine leadership can’t happen from absent people.  So, it stands to reason; you have to be home as much as possible engaged in activity with your family that they enjoy to lead well.
  • More is caught that is taught.  So, it stands to reason; you need to show your love and respect for your wife and kids more than you tell them that you love them.
  • Leaders are all about moving other people forward.  So, it stands to reason; you should be your families biggest fan, coach and teammate.

Zone Three


Leadership in the Workplace

  • Leadership is influence.  So, it stands to reason; you are a leader even if you don’t have a “team”.
  • Leaders are learners.  So, it stands to reason; you need to be involved in regular and challenging leadership development. (talk to me about Leadership coaching and consulting)
  • Leadership is about moving the organization forward.  So, it stands to reason; a leader works diligently to protect the organizational culture so the team can focus on work.  AKA, kill and keep gossip out of the workplace.

Zone Four


Leadership in the Community

  • Leadership is what changes the world.  So, it stands to reason; the world needs you to lead and fulfill your unique role that God has called you to.
  • Leadership is contagious.  So, it stands to reason; that you will notice your leading when people start to surround you and help.
  • Leadership lessons are universal.  So, it stands to reason; what you know about leading a paper company, a software team, a summer camp or your own online marketing business; the world needs you to know what you know.

Zone Order

I have these zones in the order I believe they should have in regards to your priority.  In fact, I lay my daily routine out according to these zones.  I also apply almost any leadership lesson I learn to these four zones.  I recently worked through and related action steps to each zone to the 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership by John Maxwell.   I’ll be launching a new podcast soon; Whole Life Leadership.  The episodes will focus on one leadership axiom, law or truth (whichever you want to call it) and there will be practical action steps to apply each leadership principle to the 4 Zones of Leadership.  One podcast that will help you take one leadership lesson and apply to every area of your life that you lead in.  This podcast will help you learn and grow your leadership and save you time.

Let me know you want to get noticed when the podcast is available by leaving your first name and email.



What leadership lesson do you apply most to the 4 Zones of Leadership?