Leadership Isn’t About Getting It Right…

by | Mar 20, 2014

So many leaders think that leadership is about being right.

I get that.  Who like’s being wrong?

But true leadership is about making adjustments.

When I first launched EricDingler.com I thought for sure I’d only be doing workplace leadership.  Then, I started to dabble in family leadership.  Then, I added some videos about marriage.  In a short period of 1 year; I lost the vision and drifted right into complexity.

Now that my wife and I have our speaking, writing and membership site going all around being Family Life Consultants.  Now that my day job is busier than ever.  Now that my kids need more of my time.  Now that my marriage is such a priority that I need and want to feed it.  Now that; this and that.  I need clear vision more than ever.

I need to be as productive as I can with every moment I’m working.  I need to be focused on the things that get the greatest results.  (Come on, some of this has to be hitting home for you.)

So, I will use EricDingler.com as my vehicle for capturing my workflow, training our virtual assistants, experimenting with technologies, and more.  I’ll clarify my thinking about leadership as I write out plans and training materials here as blog posts.  I’ll learn from your comments.  As a community we will learn and grow together.

Now, you know.