“You Are What You _______________” Choose Wisely

by | Jan 10, 2013

A Native American boy asked his grandfather. “Why is it easier for me to do good one day, and the next have great difficulty?” His grandfather replied, “There are two wolves within each of us. They are constantly fighting to be seen. The one you feed is the one who has the strength to be seen.”


We’ve all heard the saying; garbage in, garbage out. But that’s just for kids, right?


Your behavior grows from your information intake.

You become your information intake.

Behavior equals the quality of information intake multiplied by time.

behavior equation

What people see you do, hear you say and experience when around you is an expression of the sum of everything you’ve gathered inside you.

Some of my favorite places to get quality information:



I have other resources listed here.


Evaluate the following for quality

  • The TV shows you watch
  • Music you listen to
  • Podcast and blogs you subscribe to

Questions to ask when you evaluate sources of intake:

  • Does this help me meet my goals?
  • Would I want my kids or staff to read or watch this?
  • Would I share with the world I subscribe to, read or watch this?

And, just to be clear….I’m saying be fanatical about your choices of information.

You can find quality healthy content in the media outlet you enjoy.  If you can’t…create it, others are looking for it as well.

What are some of your favorite blogs, podcast, books and other quality sources of information?

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