The 3 Things Everyone You Lead Want – Part 1 of 4

by | Jan 7, 2013

“We aren’t human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

When you hire a person to be on your team, you are hiring a person who has a temporal and an eternal self.  At our core we all have three desires that we seek to have fulfilled. They are the three reasons you and I make every decision we make.


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Here is the origination of the three desires common in everyone.

We all want to be significant.

After God created Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden he gave them rule over everything.

We all want to be accepted.

After God created Adam he created Eve. He created them for each other. Since this was before their awareness of sin. There was no chance one of them could have their feelings hurt by the other. They immediately accepted each other.

We all want to be secure.

God provided Adam and Eve absolutely everything they needed.

Then, everything changed.

Adam and Eve sinned. God, kept his word. God had warned Adam and Eve if they ate from one specific tree they would die. There was an immediate spiritual death and an eventual physical death. There were other consequences of their decision to disobey God. And all of these exist today.

Adam and Eve being made significant, accepted and secure in perfect creation; wanted to get back to feeling that way. Today, we are still chasing these three desires. I highly recommend you read the book Victory Over The Darkness (affiliate link) for a more complete explanation on all of this. And to learn how to become spiritually significant, accepted and secure.

Being that we are human and spiritual beings. Once we fulfill our inherited desires in our spirits only then can we find true fulfillment in our human nature.  Only with spiritual fulfillment of significance, acceptance and security through a relationship with Jesus Christ; can we have a healthy fulfillment of these desires in our human nature.

We need to realize the people who follow us are seeking significance, acceptance and security. They are making every decisions in pursuit of these desires. In part 2, 3 and 4 of this series I’ll share specific things you can do as a leader to meet your team’s desires to be significant, accepted and secure.

To be a leader worth following:

  1. You have to ensure your staff have the freedom to peruse spiritual fulfillment of these desires
  2. Then you have to meet their human desires to be significant, accepted and secure.

We are leading a created people who are chasing these three desires.

Help your team fulfill these desires in alignment with God’s calling on their life and:

  • watch your team’s efforts and output be multiplied,
  • their results be transformed and
  • their lives improve.

How do you see this playing out in family leadership?

Do you have in place a way to support your team in pursuing spiritual growth?

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