Coaching is where I come alongside a leader and serve them as just more than a sounding board for ideas and an ear for listening to frustrations and wins. Coaching is where I’ll ask you the questions that will help guide us toward solutions that get the results you are after.

Coaching can be in person if you live near Norfolk, Virginia.  Or we will utilize video or a phone call.

We can connect as often as you think would be most beneficial to you.

Pricing is based on an hourly rate depending on your church size, the church age, and your goals.


Consulting is where my team and I come alongside a leader and the ministry to help them make changes to reach new levels of kingdom building achievements.  Through experience, data collection and analysis, and research we provide a plan, strategy, systems, resources, and varies levels of execution to help the ministry be more effective in reaching its mission.

Consulting consist of video and phone call workshops, but also must consist of at least 2 onsite visits to your ministry.  One visit to assess current operations, organizational culture, and impact.  Another onsite visit to delivery the final proposal and train leaders to begin implementing the strategy.

Pricing is based on the scope of the project, church size, the church age, and your goals.

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