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In October of 2014, I transitioned into a new career after 15 years of being a camp director.  The last 90 days have been a bit crazy.  A new house in a new town, a new career, totally new responsibilities, an extremely different schedule and loads to learn. Through... read more

Work/Life Balance Is a Myth

I think it’s a mistake and a waste of time to put energy into finding a balance of “work” and “life.” I recently read a great article about the myth of work/life balance on the Relevant Magazine website. I like what the author, Tyler Ward, wrote about the flow and... read more

The Four Zones of Leadership

The tagline for is; Leadership Happens Everywhere. In fact, there are Four Zones of Leadership. Zone One   Leadership of Self You can’t lead beyond your character.  So, it stands for reason; work on your character and become a better... read more

Creating Family Core Values (Why and How)

Just like an organizations or companies core values, having core values as a family has several benefits.  But how do you write a set of family core values?  And, once you do have your core values for your family; what do you do with them? My wife, Marissa and I... read more

Avoid The Biggest Mistake In Setting Goals

The boldness in declaring this The Biggest Mistake in goal setting, is from observations leading several hundred staff and facilitating tens of thousands of people in workshops, conferences, retreats and other personal development experiences in 16 years. Like many... read more


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