Hi, I'm Eric

Hi, I'm Eric

Christian, Husband, Father, Consultant, Speaker, Author and more. Connect With Me On:

I help leaders maximize their time by connecting leadership principles to the 4 Zones of Leadership


  • of Self

  • of Family

  • in the Workplace

  • in your Community

I believe work/life balance is a myth because work is part of life.  Our lives shouldn’t be compartmentalized; our lives should be lived to the fullest in everything we do.  This is Whole Life Leadership.

Leadership Happens Everywhere

Great Leaders Are Those Who Lead Great In All Four Zones Of Leadership

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Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey

Please Take My 2015 Reader Survey

In October of 2014, I transitioned into a new career after 15 years of being a camp director.  The last 90 days have been a bit crazy.  A new house in a new town, a new career, totally new responsibilities, an extremely different schedule and loads to learn. Through...



Whole Life Leadership is my new Podcast.  Each episode will unpack 1 leadership truth and have practical ways to apply to each of the 4 Zones of Leadership.  Join my regular email list to be notified plus get my free email newsletter for members only.

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