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Introduction to


My wife and I are the co-starters of and

Our goal is to influence families to be great.  We do this in a few ways:

  1. In all things, God’s opinion first.
  2. By working hard to have a marriage and family that is worth being modeled by our kids and others.
  3. By working hard in the marketplace (aka Eric’s day job)
  4. By being entrepreneurs that build a lifestyle business.  A business that utilizes a virtual team so we can continue to focus on my day job and our family life while still influencing families to be everything God wants them to be.

The mission of is to share what I learn and to ask questions to continue to learn to help you and I realize and reach everything God wants us to be.

On this site, I share everything.

  1. WORKPLACE LEADERSHIP (Leadership Happens Everywhere)
    • What I’m doing to kill it at the Christian Summer Camp and Conference Center I lead. (AKA The Day Job)
    • The leadership lessons I find most valuable in leading both a seasonal and year round team.
    • The leadership lessons I find most valuable in leading a virtual team.
    • The leadership lessons I find most valuable in leading my self and my family.
    • Current workflows and apps I’m using to get the most out of every hour.
    • How we recruit, hire, onboard and work with our virtual team.
    • How I keep my life goals in focus:
      1. Spiritual Health
      2. Physical Health
      3. Character Health
      4. Marriage Health
      5. Parenting Health
      6. Family / Friend Health
      7. Work / Volunteer Service Health
      8. Financial Health


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About Eric:

I'm a Christian
I'm a Husband to Marissa
I'm a Dad to 3 year old daughter Rilee
I'm a Dad to 1 year old son Ryan
I'm a church camp director
I'm a speaker
I'm a blogger
I'm an author
I'm a man with this mission:

Inspire Christ-centered; meaningful marriages, proactive parenting and family fun.

If you are looking for anything particular about marriage, parenting or having fun as a family drop me an email.

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